Close relations to B2B accounts are crucial!

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Top B2B commercial executives: “It is crucial to our sales performance that account managers build close relations to their B2B accounts”

(Source: Sales Guard’s B2B Commercial Executive Survey)

According to the vast majority of commercial executives at large Scandinavian corporations, there is a clear link between account managers’ ability to build close relations to B2B accounts and the sales performance of the company. This viewpoint, as expressed by both domestic suppliers and exporters, explains the widespread use of relationship building initiatives by B2B companies.

Chart 1: In terms of your company’s sales performance – how do you rate the importance of account managers building close relations to existing B2B accounts?

About the survey
Sales Guard’s B2B Commercial Executives Survey uncovers best practice within the area of B2B upsell strategies, sales management and customer relationship management among the biggest Scandinavian corporations.
The survey was conducted in the period of July–December among 249 commercial Executives in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Interviews in local languages were done by telephone from Aalund Research Center in Aarhus, Denmark.
Main conclusions are published in a series of newsletters on in the period of January–July.

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